Day: Nov 18, 2016

Oh Bob (Zimmerman aka Dylan)

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OH BOB (ZIMMERMAN aka DYLAN)! YOU’RE JUST A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF! I remember buying your album, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” in 1963 as a fragile teenager and it woke my poetic soul and filled me with heartfelt passion for truth, peace and life. Why don’t you go down to that slaughterhouse of the world, euphemistically known as The White House, and play your masterpiece from that album, “Masters of War” (lyrics below), to the present murderous occupants (who received a Nobel Prize like you, for nothing)? Then use your great wealth to fly across to Sweden and visit the Saab Dynamics Corporation in Karlskoga (where most of the world’s battlefield weapons are made) and play it with passion to the board of directors, not for entertainment in concert circuses like you usually do but to sear consciences with its laser-like lyrics and tear down walls round hardened hearts. Then see if they would still give you a Nobel Prize!