Day: Dec 16, 2016

From Iraq to Syria (via Libya)

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The Use of “Atrocity Propaganda” by the Western Powers

A kind of madness has overtaken the world. It is not a new sort of madness; but it is one which has increased hugely in intensity during the past fifteen years since the events of September 11th 2001 in the USA. This madness had occasionally surfaced temporarily prior to those events (most notably in the public response to the death of Lady Diana Spencer). The madness I am speaking about is far more dangerous and bizarre even than what one would ordinarily call “madness”. For this one is contagious — striking anyone of any social class, political wing, level of intelligence or sophistication. The madness of which I am speaking is completely irrational, making people believe things which are patently and provably untrue, especially those which come through visual and written media channels and which seem to send them into a frenzy of unfettered emotionalism. This is the madness of mass gullibility.

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