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Making Sense of the World Today: Understanding Trump, Brexit and the Apparent Brokenness of Everything

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HERE IS A LINK TO MY LATEST ARTICLE: “Making Sense of the World Today: Understanding Trump, Brexit and the Apparent Brokenness of Everything”. Please click on the link below to read the article. I hope it resonates with you. Feel free to comment or share it here by clicking on one of the “Share it” buttons below. My gift to you, with love from me.

PDF: Making-Sense-of-the-World-Today

How I Work

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This is the way I work when creating an article. I write as the words appear in my head in a stream of consciousness. Then I print it out and lay it all out (in the photo there are 10,000 words). Then I read through it and create a series of headings and sub-headings. Then I start a new file with those headings and cut & paste the text from the original file to go under the new headings. This is the article “Making Sense of the World Today – Including Trump, Brexit & the Apparent Brokenness of Everything”


There comes a Watershed Time

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THERE COMES A WATERSHED TIME when the truly evolving person will finally cease from the daily mêlée of conditioned madness: openness to brainwashing and deception, ignorant contending, struggling, thrusting, grasping and sniping; unstable posturing; desperate gestures; self-deception; empty virtue-signalling; getting offended; being stuck in destructive relationships; having easy-to-press buttons and being easily fazed; placing all hope in human institutions, lovers, coaches and gurus… and, instead, will go within, find the centre (the eye of quietude in the midst of the storm) and b r e a t h e while smiling gently and knowingly (sometimes laughing bemusedly) at everything swirling around us in this crazy, temporarily broken world (even though that world will call you mad — a compliment, if ever there was one! 😉 ). When that time comes, one will know that there is no need to be anything other than authentic, joyful, loving and pro-actively creative. From that point on, everything else of worth will follow and, linking minds and souls with like-minded others, in the fullness of time [and not without a great deal of global turmoil] a new world will be born. {PS: It’s already happening}.

Grace in the Dirt [poem]

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Looking at an onion with the utmost wonder
in my curiositical heart is a ritual I practise
at the start of every sunrise day. It speaks to me
of many layers — most of which are hidden —
and reminds me of the way that circumstances
oftentimes unfold in ways by which we only see
the outer coating of the skin when there is
so much more within which we ignore.

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“The Key” (official video)

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“THE KEY” – THE VIDEO by Alan Morrison. The official animated video, displaying lyrics. This inspirational song for the downhearted, from my heart to yours, builds to a climax of orchestral & choral power to accompany the message. This is the title track from my new album, “The Key”. It has an 8-piece band plus the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, including tubular bells, timpani drums & choir. The credits are at the end of the video. Here is the essence: “For I have found that when I love, then strength will fill me from above.” Please share as widely as possible on social media. Thank you!

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Millstone [sonnet]

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A millstone had been hung around my neck;
some several years it dangled slyly there.
I fooled myself it’s just a tiny speck
of dirt — ignored my state of disrepair.

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