Day: Mar 14, 2017

Every “Moment” is the Edge

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EVERY “MOMENT” IS THE EDGE! Now you may ask “Why is ‘moment’ in quotation marks”? Simple. Because there is no such thing. Not really. Moment = mistake. Here’s the ride: There is no past (for that is only imagined temporarily in some neuronal electrical impulse in our brains). It doesn’t really exist. There is no future (for that is only a neuronally-imagined possibility or potentiality). That also has no objective existence. Neurons are transitory will-o-the-wisp opportunists which take advantage of the fickle fleeting newness of the illusion of the present. Let’s be honest, there isn’t even really any “now”; for as soon as you grab it as “now” it becomes a lie, no longer extant. Now is never now! Try to grasp it and it’s gone, like an incontinent elderly gentleman who repeatedly excuses himself and leaves the room. So let’s also forget about now.

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