Day: Apr 8, 2017

There is one thing for which you can always rely on the US government: HYPOCRISY!

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THERE IS ONE THING for which you can always rely on the US government: HYPOCRISY. Dollops of it! US puppet-president, Donald Trump, says “no child of God should ever suffer such horror”, lamenting the fact that chemical weapons were used on children in Syria. Yet, the US has run around the world for decades invading many countries, bombing the shit out of them with “shock and awe” (killing millions of innocent women and children in the process), fomenting coups d’états, putting puppet leaders in place then assassinating them when they no longer serve their purpose, etc. Heck, they’ve even deliberately dropped napalm bombs on villages with many “beautiful babies” in them! (The photo attached to this article is an iconic picture from the Vietnam war of children fleeing a village after US troops napalm-bombed it – one with her clothes burned from her body and her body terribly burned).

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