Overcome by the Light: The Positive Purpose of Darkness in the World

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A Talk + Question & Answer Session
Tuesday 9th May, in Stockholm, Sweden


AS WE LOOK AT EVENTS IN THE WORLD TODAY, a great many are shocked or even traumatised by what they see unfolding around them. Dreadful wars, continual rumours of wars, heinous acts of terrorism and cruelty of an unimaginable nature. Every day, we are bombarded with this. In a Universe supposedly empowered by love, creativity and the essence of life, why should there be any place for what people call “evil” or what might be better called “darkness”?

There is nothing to be gained by burying our heads in the sand, by being in denial or acting as if everything is perfect. Yet, on the other hand, it is not helpful to be overly obsessed or fearful of the gathering darkness. Now, more than ever, we need a balanced and wise understanding of the world as it is today, why that world is so out of equilibrium, the interplay of Light and darkness and how we can find our centre in the eye of the storm.

In this event, “Overcome by the Light: The Positive Purpose of Darkness in the World”. Alan Morrison will give a 45-minute presentation based on such questions as: What is the purpose of the presence of evil or darkness in the world, in people and in other entities? Can evil or darkness have any power over us? If so, how and why? Are there any certain ways in which we can maintain freedom from darkness in ourselves (self-protection)? How can we tell the difference between true and false light (darkness masquerading as light)? Is there a way of looking at all this and living with it in a positive way and without a trace of fear? How is it all going to end? Where is the world really heading? On a planet of increasing chaos, many are looking for light and guidance. So, how can we equip ourselves to be leaders in this world and pioneers for the aeon which is to come? After a break for drinks, Alan will lead a further 45 minutes of questions and answers with discussion.

The purpose of the evening is for all participants to leave the workshop with a greater amount of Light shining in their hearts and a deeper understanding of why evil and darkness exist and how those elements are actually contributing to the wonder of Light and its establishment on earth.

There will be a small charge of 130 SEK per person (includes drink) for the evening.

Please click o the PDF link here below for more details about the event:

PDF Event Poster: Overcome by the Light: The Positive Purpose of Darkness in the World

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