Day: Apr 25, 2017

A Symphony for our Time — Shostakovich’s 11th Symphony

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IF EVER THERE WAS A SYMPHONY FOR OUR TIME, it must be the 11th Symphony of Dmitri Shostakovich (1957). I’ve been doing a special study of this work for some time and the more I listen to it and analyse how it captivates the listener, the more I am convinced that it speaks right into the world like a TERRIBLE AND OMINOUS WARNING from a parallel universe. Hardly surprising that an audience member yells out “Arrrrgghh” at the end of this video recording. It is music of great beauty and power, casting a spell over the listener from the very first notes. Please do not click away from this, thinking that classical music (so-called) has nothing to tell you. That would be a mistake. For this symphony is like a contemporary epic film score which takes the listeners/viewers on a journey. To listen to it is to participate in the movie, as the music is all-encompassing and sometimes utterly overwhelming, just as music should be.

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