Day: Jun 8, 2017

Sonnet on the General Election

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She told me people died so I could vote.
At which I said: “O, what a bloody waste!
Forgive me if I do not sugarcoat
my words”. She stared at me, all stony-faced.

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The Sonnet: Awakener of the Soul

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Let’s start with a big question: Is it possible that structure can bring freedom? Can some kind of “limitation” ever be inspiring? Your immediate reaction might be to say, emphatically, “No way! I’d just want to break out of it” But that would be too quick and too easy a response. In fact, it would have been a response based only in the realm of the physical, which itself is already very limited by its nature. If that question was put to me — “Can structure bring freedom?” — I would be tempted to have some fun with whatever that structure was — to turn it around — to reinvent it, transform it, without any violation of the original question. You see, working within a structure can be joyful and liberating if your artistic mind is already totally free. For limitations, when confronted by a free mind, do not bring an imposition — in just the same way that so-called “problems” for the free soul are merely exciting challenges. 😊

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