Day: Jun 30, 2017

Commentary on the Song, “Sophia”

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YESTERDAY, I POSTED THE LYRICS OF A NEW SONG ENTITLED “SOPHIA”. Here’s a little commentary about it, taking the concept a stage further. On the surface, the song is about a recurring dream I have, in which I powerfully encounter the “perfect” woman or archetypal feminine entity (hence the title, “Sophia”). But behind this, there is so much more implicated, which has a bearing on the quality of life we lead. For when two people come together in an intimate union here on earth, in this dimension, it’s also emblematic of our oneness with all things. The human being doesn’t really like separation, whether emotional, psychological or physical. This is because it is not our natural state. So, behind every genuine love story there lies a deeper significance, because we’re all — either knowingly or not — trying to find our way back “home”, our pre-existential state. (Even in the womb we still enjoyed that oneness with the mother, even while we gradually morphed into a separate entity). In human existence, we live in this temporary illusion of individuated consciousness, as if we are separate entities. But behind all that is the interconnectedness of all things. The intimately loving union between two souls mirrors this connection; which is why, symbolically, we chase it down so avidly in this life. Even sex addicts are acting out the desire to take away the pain of separation and find a comforting oneness in union with another (though because it is pathological, neurotic and devoid of love, it is never fulfilling and just becomes a painful endless and fruitless search through countless sexual partners). There is no greater epiphany or revelation than understanding the way that an intimately loving union between two souls mirrors the union we have with all things at a higher dimensional level. When that mirror is realised by both lovers in a relationship in which they have come together for reasons of pure love rather than attempting to fulfil some inadequacy in themselves, then there can be no insecurities, no conflicts, no defensiveness, no grasping or controlling, no bitching, no griping, no pushing, no manipulating, no self-centredness, no “acting out” of any kind — in other words, nothing which can disrupt the relationship is tolerated or even necessary.

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