Day: Jul 27, 2017

Service and our Own Unimportance

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WE ARE NOT NEARLY SO IMPORTANT as we think we are (well… not in the prevailing way that most people imagine). We are all completely expendable — imaginarily here for a very brief time. Then the dream ends as suddenly as it began (though the only thing which really “dies” is illusion).

During this brief span that we call “life”, we play our little roles in a vast and glorious process that we are not even aware of. But we do have a choice in how we play those roles: We can either live primarily to fill our bellies and be ruled by our desires OR we can devote ourselves to serving others. The beautiful irony is that when we choose the service of others we fortuitously become fulfilled anyway! 😊 But the person who is living primarily for himself or herself cannot realise that. To such a one it appears as if “dog eat dog” — strike before you’re struck — is the only way to behave if one wants to find fulfilment. This is one of the primary delusions on the planet, for dogs who eat dogs will themselves be eaten — if only by their own inflated self. “Those who live by the sword die by the sword”.

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