Day: October 25, 2017

Social Media Friendship: A Contradiction in Terms

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2000 FB Friends

“Congratulations, Alan! You’ve reached 2000 friends today!”, Fakebook announced to me. Teehee! [Excuse me while I chuckle]. This bizarre landmark has forced me to meditate on what the meaning is of friendship in this strangesome day and age. So, first, I will write a little piece about this, then, at the conclusion, I will share three poems I have written on the subject of friendship in a “Facets of Friendship” series, entitled “Friendship Lite” (about superficial friendship), “Fairweather Friends” (a sonnet about those friends who only stick around when the going is good or when they can gain something from it) and “True Friends” (about those few friends in life who can truly be called Friends, who will be there for you, whatever the weather, and on whom you can rely unconditionally. But first, social media friendship…

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Fuck your Falsesome Boundaries!

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Blurred Boundaries

Squishly, out from underneath the cover of his mother’s flesh, he flopped into a state of who-am-I-ness, where no safety is the norm and all the creatures who have taken form continually preen themselves throughout the ages of their many turns until the light goes on and finally they see themselves for who and what they really are [and then the plastic smile is gone and me-me-me’s no more their song]. In his particular case, there was no me to sing about that he could see and so, unable to discriminate the bound-a-ries between his ownsome self and anybody else [for by now he had reached 5 years old] and wholly overwhelmed by what he felt, he made himself a special outer shell which meant that he could see the world from inside looking out but no one else could see when looking from the outside in.

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