Day: Nov 25, 2017

Brussels and Hollywood

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brussels_and_hollywoodImpostors & Bedfellows

RIGHT NOW, I’M IN BRUSSELS, the supposed European capital — or, rather, the capital of the European Union, which has cunningly usurped the real Europe as if it was the same thing, especially in the malleable minds of the young. Which is isn’t. Not at all. The real Europe doesn’t have a capital city. For that Europe has always been a loose group of neighbouring countries which have a common heritage, do business with each other and help each other when necessary. On the other hand, the European Union is a budding superstate conceived by elites (and initiated originally by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as I showed in an article last year) which seeks to lord it over its member sub-states, as preparation for the absorption of a small number of superstates into a single world government (born out of darkness posing as light). Then the Big Lie and deception will be complete (followed swiftly by its collapse in a blaze of Light).

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