Day: December 13, 2017

Gender Myths and Government

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Beyond Patriarchy & Matriarchy in the New Aeon

Love Lies Bleeding

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY TIMES WHEN I’VE HEARD IT SAID BY A WOMAN: “You men have had your chance at running the world and all you’ve done is destroy it. So now you can move over. It’s our turn”. Or, as I’ve also heard it said: “The patriarchy has had its day. Now it’s time for the matriarchy, like it used to be way back before men began to ruin the world”. Some questions arise here: Is it really the case that there was a harmonious matriarchy ruling in ancient times? Would women really be better at “running the world”? Is it merely a question of gender which determines how history flows? Or is there another issue which is completely overlooked in any discussion about the world-system and the enhancement or destruction of the world?

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