Day: February 3, 2018

Grid Girls

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I’VE BEEN WATCHING WITH GREAT AMUSEMENT the farce surrounding the President’s Club dinner party in London and the decision by Formula One race organisers to stop having those pit-stop “Grid Girls” at motor races. It was claimed that at the private party (attended mainly by rich people and celebrities) a number of young women were hired as “dolly birds” to serve drinks and look pretty. They received a job description from an agency, signed up for it and were paid for it. Then the Financial Times did a “sting” and sent an undercover journalist to show how “sexist” it all was with some girls having hands put on them, etc. (When are journalists ever going to do REAL stings by exposing big corruption in politics, industry, the military, the church, etc., instead of going undercover at a party to see if a man’s hand goes on a girl’s ass. There is no real investigative journalism anymore; only the pretend made-up journalism of the film, “The Post”!). Sounds like a normal private party for rich people with pseudo-Bunny Girls in attendance. Many of those girls sign up deliberately to try and bag a rich guy so they can bask in his glory, gold-dig his wallet and sit in his Bentley afterwards. I read that a number of the girls went back to hotel rooms with the guys. Of course they did. It all goes with the territory. Not shocking at all. It was pretty obvious from the job description what was involved. They were asked to wear “black sexy shoes and black underwear”. Now there’s your red flag right there. If a girl doesn’t like the look of it, then don’t do it! Or don’t do it again. Or walk out during the party if you’re that upset. Ah, but then you wouldn’t get your £130!

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