Day: Mar 22, 2018

Some Thoughts About Suffering

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Snapshot_6SOME MOONS AGO, when I was a social justice/peace campaigner type, I used to feel that I could never be happy so long as there was even one person suffering in this world. I wanted to house the world’s homeless, feed the world’s hungry and fill the wallets of the world’s poor, take the whole world’s suffering on my shoulders. (Yeah, all typical Piscean stuff 😉). I wanted to alleviate everyone’s pain, sorrow, grief, misery and heartache; create paradise on earth. But I don’t think like that anymore. It was a mighty turning point for me when I realised that such goals are not only unattainable from a global standpoint, but they are not even necessarily a desirable one because everyone has their necessary path to follow and it is not for us to live everyone’s lives for them or determine how they should be lived. I realised that suffering is not merely an unwanted anomaly in this world but is in fact the very essence of it, providing a unique opportunity for each human being according to the lives they have been allotted. One therefore has to be careful not to negate that opportunity and ensure that those who suffer are not deprived of the necessary lessons therein. Now you may find it strange for me to say that. You may even think that it sounds callous and uncaring. So please allow me to go a little deeper into these challenging thoughts.
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