Day: Mar 27, 2018

The Poisonous World of Politics

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Poisonous World of Politics

AH, THE THEATRE OF POLITICS! What a wretched dance. All this bluster about the alleged use of nerve gas on a Russian double-agent (i.e. a betraying snitch) and his daughter. Is it mesmerising you? Don’t let it. And don’t bother trying to fathom it out. Your mind will just play tricks with you. It is programmed to play tricks with you (if you haven’t risen above that). Actors get on their hind legs in parliament and bluster about what an outrage it is that an attempted assassination has taken place on Bwitish [sic] soil, to the silly sound of people in the background going “Hear, hear!” in a mock-serious tone. When I saw Teresa May blustering in the House of Commons the other day, I just burst out laughing. Those dead, almost zombie-like eyes of hers and the silly sense of urgency as she pretended she was Winston Churchill promising to fight them on the hillsides, etc. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming! Thoroughly nauseating.

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