Month: Apr 2018

The Waves we Make [sonnet]

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The waves we make will flow to worlds unseen
if fostered in a heart which will not cling
to what it sings, nor be a dark machine
for Grub Street marketing (a one-night fling). Read the rest of this entry »

Do not be Fooled by Toytown Détente!

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HAVING JUST WRITTEN A PIECE ON THE NECESSITY OF BEING ABLE TO SEE THROUGH BULLSHIT, how ironic that immediately after that I am observing New Age people on my Facebook newsfeed saying how wonderful it was to see Trump and Macron cuddling up to each other (supposedly being a sign of their melting egos and the ability to show their vulnerability, sheesh 🙄). Also, according to these New Age fantasists, now that the two Korean leaders are chinking champagne glasses together (tchin-tchin!) it is apparently a wonderful sign that the world is changing and we are truly on the brink of some Golden Age of Peace and Ascension. They imagine that all their 100th Monkey meditations for peace on earth are now starting to pay off. (Heck, they’re even crowing with delight about the new “Royal baby”!). Dear friends, please don’t be fooled by all this toytown détente. Read the rest of this entry »

Thought for the…

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Being Spiritual Means Rejecting Bullshit!

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THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF “CONVERSION” in the world of religion and spirituality. One takes place at the superficial level of the emotions and subconscious and is more religious in nature, bringing about some changes in outward behaviour and attitude. We see this in churches and temples the world over. The other kind of “conversion” takes place at the profoundest level possible in the human psyche and is totally transformative on the deepest psychospiritual levels, revolutionising the mind and life entirely and taking one down roads never dreamed of before. The first type of conversion is a cheap imitation and counterfeit of the second. Although there are superficial similarities, religion and spirituality are as different as chalk and cheese. Religion is about the accrual of intellectual theological knowledge at the expense of the power of spirit. Spirituality is about the eschewal of mere intellectual knowledge leading Read the rest of this entry »

Mahler’s Crazy Rondo Burleske

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I KNOW MOST OF YOU PROBABLY DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to listen to a complete Mahler symphony (lasting between 1 and 1½ hours!). You are far too busy and important people to be wasting your life infusing yourselves with divine musical nectar from one of the most deep and spiritual composers to have graced this planet. 😉 But could I tempt you to set aside your super-busy-ness to spend just 12 minutes of your life listening to one little part of his 9th Symphony? Actually, this particular part (or “movement” as it’s called) is especially relevant to “super-busy-ness”. Shockingly so. Let me explain: Read the rest of this entry »

I’m an Irredeemable Dissident!

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“You should stick to making music and poetry instead of writing your long political articles with an axe to grind”. So wrote someone to me recently. Here’s my answer: “I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who say this to me. Ironically, liberal types are especially good at trying to suppress the freethinking thoughts and writings of others who shake their tree and rattle their cage. Mind you, conservatives are getting pretty good at it too — especially those who are insanely enslaved to government lies and engage in the cult of the personality (e.g. worship Donald Trump!). So here’s the bottom-line: I will never allow control-freaks to dictate what I can and cannot write or sing. No one can dictate to me what I should do, simply because they find my artistry Read the rest of this entry »

A Strictly 3-D Craze

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When boundless love cannot be full expressed
through hands and words and gestures of the heart —
when skin and soul aren’t there to be caressed —
a vacuum grows, and life is lived apart.

To question why one should be in this state,
enrobed in flesh and orphaned without source,
will yield some startling answers arrowed straight
between your eyes to hit you with full force.

Exploding loveness then goes absolute
in longingful magnetic mindly ways.
For skin is always just a substitute —
a second-best and strictly 3-D craze.

Such yearning fosters grief and loss in some.
But on my knees to God with tears I come.


© Alan Morrison, 2018


April Fools’ Day is Every Day!

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NO NEED TO PUT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE HERE. Just watch the news or read a newspaper (which is 90% propaganda or disinformation), or go on Facebook (where 90% of news stories, memes and claims are false, which is why it’s called “Fakebook”!). Almost everything in this world is fake — whether socially, emotionally or spiritually. April Fools Day is every day. Discovering the authentic is where it’s at. One can chuckle knowingly at the fakery but find joy in what is real. That is our life’s work: Exposing the bullshit and discovering what is authentic, both inwardly and outwardly. Now there’s a challenge! Happy April Fools Day!