Day: Apr 28, 2018

Do not be Fooled by Toytown Détente!

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HAVING JUST WRITTEN A PIECE ON THE NECESSITY OF BEING ABLE TO SEE THROUGH BULLSHIT, how ironic that immediately after that I am observing New Age people on my Facebook newsfeed saying how wonderful it was to see Trump and Macron cuddling up to each other (supposedly being a sign of their melting egos and the ability to show their vulnerability, sheesh 🙄). Also, according to these New Age fantasists, now that the two Korean leaders are chinking champagne glasses together (tchin-tchin!) it is apparently a wonderful sign that the world is changing and we are truly on the brink of some Golden Age of Peace and Ascension. They imagine that all their 100th Monkey meditations for peace on earth are now starting to pay off. (Heck, they’re even crowing with delight about the new “Royal baby”!). Dear friends, please don’t be fooled by all this toytown détente. Read the rest of this entry »