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THE BOOK HAS NOW BEEN COMPLETED! Here is some new information about it, including contents headings. As you can see from one of the attached images below, it now stands at 560 pages and has 203,000 words in a Large-Format (6″ x 9″) paperback size (known as Trade Paperback size in the USA). This started out at the beginning of this year as an article but, over the months, it has turned into a huge project with more than a million characters and nearly 600 footnotes. It contains a Prologue, 7 Chapters (with 195 sections and sub-sections), an Epilogue, and 10 Appendices. The full title is “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I have Chosen”, with the subtitle “A Spiritual Autobiography & Presentation”. (Please do not confuse the word “strait” with the identical-sounding word “straight”. Their only similarity is phonetic. They are VERY different in meaning — especially in the context of this Book! 😉).  The front and rear cover pages are another image you see attached here. (And, so you know, I take the path on the left in the image on the front cover. I ain’t fooled by pretty flowers and tarmacked roads! 🙂).

Under the Radar ColourI know a number of you want to know when it will be ready for distribution. Having now completed the writing of the text of the book and gone through it three times with a fine toothcomb to tidy it up, correct typos, generate cross-references and create continuity between sections, on September 4th I sent it to a number of carefully chosen people, pre-publication, for critical evaluation and suggestions. They will also hopefully write reader reviews. Then, when they have finished reading through, and I have subsequently made any necessary corrections they recommend, I will have a book to distribute digitally through my output channel, “Under the Radar”. This should hopefully be in the first half of November, if all goes well.

2018-10-17 (3)The first 70 pages contain a spiritual autobiography (starting from birth) and the remaining pages are an extended presentation of what I have discovered in my almost seventy years of existence (three-score years and ten 😉) about what lies behind what can be seen with the eyes in this world, and my interpretation of what is happening in it, as well as what will become of it. Of particular note is the section headed “The Last Twenty Years”, in which I open up about my spiritual explorations and conclusions since I vowed to have nothing more to do with churches nearly two decades ago (after having been a partaker since 1986 and a pastor for almost eight years up to the year 2000).

There is much material concentrated in this work. Here are just 35 of its 136 section headings: “The Purpose of the Creation of this Cosmos”, “The Hallmarks of the Spiritual Life”, “Saying Goodbye to Yourself”, “For the Love of Truth”, “The Selling-Out of Spirituality”, “Creating Immunity to Deception”, “The True Meaning of Satanism”, “The Great Apostasy (in the Church & in the World)”, “Spirituality not Shibboleths”, “Compromising Christ: Churchianity and Christianism”, “Travelling Underground, Undercover & Incognito”, “The New Diaspora: Pilgrims Scattered like Seed on the Wind”, “New Age Satanism”, “Understanding the Spirit of the Antichrist”, “The False Church Versus the Body of Christ”, “Authority and Paedophilia”, “Resistance to the Light”, “666 & the Mark of the Beast”, “There Can be no Neutrality Now!”, “Sharing the Light & Spreading the Word”, “Widespread Abuse in Churches”, “The Scourge of Religious Correctness”, “Disapproving the Word ‘Bullshit’ but not the Bullshit Itself”, “Protecting Ourselves from Darkness”, “The Three Crises of the Spiritual Life”, “The Wrath of God Explained”, “Archontic Attack”, “The ‘Yeast’ of False Discipleship”, “The Divine Coup d’État Against the Forces of Darkness”, “Being an Effective Aroma in the World”, “Reconciling Curveball Anomalies in the Churches”, “The Revealing of the Antichrist”, “Theological Shenanigans”, “Christ, the Natural Divider”, “Overcoming Lawlessness & Death”, “Who is the Christ & Why did He Come at this Time?”, “The Fear of Truth & Revelation”, “Defeating the Powers of Darkness”, and much, much more.

This is a work which addresses the signs of the times in which we are now living; for we are today faced with a clear choice: Embrace the Light or be swallowed by the encroaching darkness. Here are a few closing words from the Preface of the book: “So here I stand. This is my heart in my words. If you don’t like them, then you can walk on your way and I wish you well. But if you scent the perfume here and wish to walk with me, then our hearts will be eternally joined”.

The book will be in an ultra-high-resolution PDF format (using a professional font for clarity) and will naturally be free of charge. (There is no “Business Spirituality” in operation in these parts! 😉). It will be interactive (with clickable headings and links)  and can be read in a PDF reader or can easily be imported into a Kindle reader or Kindle software on a computer. It will be stored on a dedicated website for download, the domain of which has already been purchased but it is not up-and-running yet. I will put out a notification when it is ready to be viewed. If you want to pre-order a free copy of this book right now, please send me a request message at the official publishing address, , including your name, email address (and anything else you would like to say! 😊).

So, that’s the story. Love to one and all. 💖

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© Alan Morrison, 2018

2 thoughts on “Book Now Completed! Final Operations Before Download Available in October

    djsbzbee said:
    August 5, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    All your topics are hot. Knowing you, likely to be earthshaking with a solemn but forthright clarity. Your point of view is sure to bring a depth-defying insight to every issue you broach. My expectations are running high and I don’t expect to be disappointed. I pray eyes will see and ears will hear truth unfettered by the prejudices of idol-bound hearts. ❤

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