Day: Dec 17, 2018

“At Odds With the World: Ekklesia, the Only Lasting Counterculture”

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The Assimilation of All Countercultures Except One

The word “counterculture” was first coined in the late 1960s in reference to the growing movement which was anti-war, hippyish, non-materialistic, unconventional, experimental, sexually debauched, non-conformist, inclusive and claiming to celebrate love and peace (albeit in a rather naïve and idealised manner). It was counter (contra, against) culture in the sense that it opposed and was a reaction against the mainstream culture of the time, which was predominantly conservative, W.A.S.P., prudish, hawkish, discriminatory, sexually uptight, materialistic, mundane and conformist. (It also has to be said here that the hippie counterculture was considerably progressed by the CIA’s deliberate mass distribution of LSD within it by its assets in its programmes of mind-control, all of which can easily be researched). However, there have been other countercultures earlier in history (especially in the sphere of the arts), when a minority group stood in opposition to the prevailing culture which it regarded as corrupt, limited by boundaries, defective or defunct. Read the rest of this entry »