Month: Jun 2020

I’m an Unashaméd Nutcase! [new poem]

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I'm an Unashamed Nutcase

I was HopSkipJumping through a glade
one strangesome Summer’s day when
I ‘lost my marbles’ in the kind of way
which seems to irk straitjacket friends
who revel in their self-appointed roles
to judge the sane as being ‘round the bend’.

They fell covertly from my pocket as I ran
with joy across the desert of this world,
although I was not really disconcerted but Read the rest of this entry »

“Let’s Rock the Boat” [new song video]

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #52: “Let’s Rock the Boat”.
A new song completed today. It needs a band, some orchestra and a big choir in the refrains (wait till the next album!) but, in the meantime, here’s the unplugged version for voice & acoustic guitar. I hope it resonates. The lyrics are below: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Never Black and White [new poem]

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Illustration of Vector Tunnel Template. Optical Illusion Curved Vortex Hole

I see no white, by which
I’m meaning 255 times 3.
I see no black, portrayed as
zero thrice in swatchy RGB.
For those are colours which
would not look right on skin.
(In any case, such outerness
is shallow, surface, paper-thin).
I see a lot of shades of pink Read the rest of this entry »

Original Spin:The Only Real Conspiracy

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Screenshot (12)

[NB: If you would rather download an interactive PDF version of this article,
it can be downloaded at the foot of the document]

PROLOGUE: The Rise of Cyber Conspiracy Chaos

Anyone who inhabits social media for any length of time these days can see that it has become a hotbed of free-range madness and sensationalist claims which often verge on hysteria. Interestingly, my observations have shown me that there is at least as much ‘fake news’ from the so-called ‘Truth Movement’ as there is in the mainstream media. Frankly, that movement has become far more deceptive than the mainstream media because it claims to represent 100% truth then mixes in some truth with a lot of speculative twaddle masquerading as fact, while chucking in a bucketful of outright falsehood. At least with the mainstream media you know where you stand as far as mendacity and propaganda are concerned! Read the rest of this entry »

“Fragments” [new music video]

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Living-Room Video #51: “Fragments”. This is a song which has lain (literally as a fragment) in a drawer for around 17 years, waiting for a “home”. Now it has found one. Intimately linked to my post yesterday about playing the victim, it shines a light on the perils of clinging on to that, for one remains fragmented until one lets go of victim status and drops the war. I hope this resonates with you. Lyrics are below: Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Play the Victim!

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Annotation 2020-06-07 145118

I’ve been manufacturing ‘meaningful memes’ again. Comes from my heart. Playing the victim is a narcissistic trap which leads to twisted outcomes, for oneself personally, in relationships, and societally. It’s addictive and hard to throw off. But it can be done, if thelack of self-respect which caused it is overcome. The interesting thing about this playing-the-victim stance is that it is in complete opposition to the beautiful process of Read the rest of this entry »

“Hole in My Ozone Layer” [new music video]

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🎬 LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #50: “Hole in My Ozone Layer” 🎬 Here is a song I just wrote. It’s a kind of “morality tale” (the only way I can put it) — about a lesson I learned (and am still learning, and probably always will be learning this side of the big transition). It needs some intense strings really. But here it is with just me on my ownsome and my wife (guitar) accompanying. Hoping it resonates. Here are the lyrics: Read the rest of this entry »