Abraham our Father – Jerusalem our Mother [substantial update]

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This is a substantial update of an article that was originally begun in the late 1990s concerning the relationship between modern day Israel and the Israel of the Bible. It answers the questions “Is modern Israel the Promised Land of the Bible?”, “Should all Jews have returned to the land of Palestine to create the modern state of Israel?”, “Should disciples of Christ be celebrating Jewish festivals, wearing prayer shawls and blowing shofars?”, “Will Christ return and reign from a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem?”, “Are the ‘times of the gentiles’ just a temporary ‘Plan B’ parenthesis before God begins to deal again with His real people, the Jews?”, “Are there two different classes of believers today, with Jews as the real thing and gentile believers being somehow inferior and second-class afterthought add-ons?”, and much more.

This article has been improved in numerous ways with many additions and edits, plus typos have been corrected, hyperlinks have been refreshed and new ones added. It now contains almost 32,000 words and is the equivalent of a 100-page paperback book.

As it is a specialised controversial paper and not really relevant to a general readership, I have made it available upon request and it comes in a professional PDF format in A4 size with 45 pages.

If you wish to receive this article, please send an email to the following address,
under-the-radar@outlook.com , and I will send it to you by return.

4 thoughts on “Abraham our Father – Jerusalem our Mother [substantial update]

    […] page of this PDF format eBook edition. For further information, please follow this link to my blog: https://thenakedtroubadour.com/2020/07/08/abraham-our-father-jerusalem-our-mother-update/ , where there are instructions concerning its […]


    Adela said:
    Jul 10, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    Alan, please send me the extended version. I primarily use my phone for correspondance. Experiencing glitches.

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    djsbzbee said:
    Jul 11, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Yes! I would like an updated edition of this very important paper/book. I learned so much from the first edition. It really is a touchy subject to discuss with just about anyone. Truth is truth and we are the ones who have to make our adjustments to accommodate and value it. Based on your other post, I can only surmise that some folks didn’t like it.

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