Day: Aug 6, 2020

Vaughan Williams’ Glorious 5th Symphony

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THIS MUSIC REPRESENTS MY MOOD TODAY — heartfully wistful, strangely valedictory, gently profound, and full of a yearning for that-which-cannot-yet-be-reached. The 5th Symphony of the English composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, is one which reflects great beauty, honour, glory and everything noble and virtuous about life which is nostalgically lurking on the hinterland of the universe and in a hidden corner of our hearts. This is, to my mind, the most beautiful piece of pure music ever written. It is certainly one of the most spiritual pieces of music ever composed. Astonishingly, it was written at the height of the Second World War and first performed at the BBC Proms in June 1943 (with the composer himself conducting). Vaughan Williams was inspired to Read the rest of this entry »