Two Diametrically-Opposed Worldviews

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THE CURRENT WORLD-SITUATION is like a mini-rehearsal, testing the waters, proving the efficacy or otherwise of psychological operations, yielding data which can then be applied in later strategies, by which the human forces of darkness are assessing reactions and responses, discovering how things can best work, plus identifying who is compliant and who are the dissidents. Chillingly (and as I will show in an upcoming book chapter), we can see very clearly that ‘dead souls’ and spooks are currently controlling the global agenda in the preparation for the creation of a one-world government under a single leader who is the culmination of the dark side of humanity and master representative of lawlessness.

So this is a time to get real. In what I would hope to be some unusual kind of spiritual preparation today — an inevitable dividing point on this crazy planet, if you will — I have observed that two distinct worldviews have come into being as a reaction to world developments, as well as involving a realization of the naked evil permeating the planet and its implications. Let me open this up a little…

  • THE FIRST WORLDVIEW involves and advocates absolute materialism, evolutionary nihilism, random existence, the survival of the fittest, merciless functionalism, excessive consumerism, compliance to false tin-pot dictatorial authority, and a usurpation of the Divine in ruthless population management, plundering the planet, endless wars and proxy conflicts, godless scientific experimentation at a human and environmental level, a one-dimensional understanding of medicine and approach to healing (e.g. treating symptoms rather than the underlying causes), an ardour for artificial intelligence, while advocating a counterfeit one-world ‘togetherness’ (all rooted in the desire for the enforced control of humanity under a single government).
  • THE SECOND WORLDVIEW recognises that behind the creation of this material world lies a glorious spiritual Power, the primary qualities of which are infinite love, harmony, faithfulness, righteousness, justice, honour and wisdom, and to whom we owe our very existence. This worldview sees nothing about life as ‘random’ but as an unfolding flower under the guiding hand of the Power behind it. While not being compliant to false authority, this worldview recognises genuine leadership and courageously advocates the exposing of darkness and the propagation of Light.

How Those Two Worldviews Pan Out

Above are some basic characteristics of these two diametrically opposed worldviews. The way that these two worldviews are shaping up is of extreme interest to me. Thus…

The FIRST WORLDVIEW, being steeped in materialism, sees the world and human beings in purely mechanical terms, in which the environment, human ethics and medical issues are merely treated with chemicals and pharmaceutics. Food is seen merely as a way of consuming things and stuffing one’s belly — very often as a vain way of attempting to satiate an unhealthy organism. In this worldview, there is no recognition of spirit in any way. People are merely numbers in a herd to be manipulated and controlled, and there is no dependence on, or even consciousness of, the idea of a unique Source behind the whole creation (in fact, holders of this worldview are openly hostile to that idea). The SECOND WORLDVIEW, recognizing the spiritual, sees life as a gift from the Creator and Source, and the world and human beings as a conscious blend of physical matter and spiritual substance, so that the environment and medical issues are understood through intuition and a much greater reliance on the use of natural remedies rather than artificial ones (though it does not totally reject, in a Luddite manner, all allopathic medicine out of hand — in fact, health should really utilise a holistic approach and natural treatments first and then maybe use allopathy as the ‘complementary’ medicine!).

The FIRST WORLDVIEW discovers the existence of an epidemic and immediately yells, “Staythefuckhome!” and “Vaccinations for all!” The SECOND WORLDVIEW discovers the existence of an epidemic and is immediately overwhelmed with the feeling, “How can I boost my immune system with good foods, the best nutrients, the purity of sunshine and the stimulus of physical exercise, as I ride out this epidemic as responsibly as I can and if I die, I die, for death is a part of life”.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW thinks it knows what is right for everyone else and is filled with zeal to ENFORCE it on the whole of society. The SECOND WORLDVIEW knows instinctively what is right for itself and teaches it to others in a spirit of freedom and voluntariness.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW is closedmindedly rationalistic; the SECOND WORLDVIEW is openheartedly intuitive.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW disingenuously makes out as if there is no such thing as ‘conspiracy’ in this world (when, in fact, those who hold to that worldview have been responsible for concocting most of the conspiracies which have ever existed!). The SECOND WORLDVIEW is ever-mindful of the fact that the entire flow of history is not how it has been presented and is the result of conspiracies and cabals from the beginning of time (although it has to be said that those of this second worldview will not embrace the plethora of false conspiracies based on paranoia, fantasy and controlled opposition which plague the so-called ‘truth movement’ (e.g. QAnon, etc.); for a hallmark of this second worldview is due diligence and a rejection of hearsay, innuendo, Chinese whispers and unproven slander).

The FIRST WORLDVIEW never sees the reality which lies behind the physical life of this world and, rejecting the supernatural, has no spiritual discernment and is thereby easily manipulated by archontic/demonic entities. The SECOND WORLDVIEW sees the interplay between the physical and the supernatural, has an instinct to sense the difference between good and evil, recognises false light and understands the world of angels and archons/demons.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW despises all invocation (or even mention) of Light and, often without even realising it, goes about its business of perpetuating darkness — very often hiding that darkness behind a masquerade of false light and charity. These are the amoral types addressed by the prophet, Isaiah, when he said: “Beware of those who call evil good and good evil, who make out as if darkness is light and turn light into darkness, who call bitter sweet and sweet bitter”. The SECOND WORLDVIEW strives to be the personification of Light in this world without compromise and in all areas of living.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW always eventually leads to rigid totalitarianism, rampant eugenics, controlling behaviours, a mendacity of convenience (otherwise known as ‘casuistry’), and a pyramidic social system which favours only the rich and powerful and ignores the underdogs (i.e. the weakest and most vulnerable). The SECOND WORLDVIEW always leads to freedom, creativity, honour, duty, a love of Truth, the exposure of darkness, the propagation of Light, and a search for real community in which altruism, true charity, and self-sacrifice are the leading features.

The FIRST WORLDVIEW primarily serves only itself. The SECOND WORLDVIEW exists primarily to serve others.

As you can see, these two worldviews are completely incompatible. I believe that as persecution of those holding to the second worldview by those who hold to and initiate the first worldview becomes even more stringent and marked as this present age nears its end and human soulless evil comes to its inevitable climax, there will be a ‘thinning of the ranks’ in those who hold to the second worldview (not merely through elimination by authorities but through many not being willing to make the necessary sacrifice), and there will be much spiritual epiphany in those ranks about the nature of good and evil, the reality of angels and archons/demons (fallen angels), the nature of lawlessness and anomie and, last but not least, the centrality of the Christ to the overcoming of the realm of darkness and the redeeming of the cosmos into its true essence and dimensional release. (I speak here not of the false ‘christ’ emanating from the Vatican, Canterbury, and organised religion, but of the true Christ who was manifested to destroy the satanic usurpation of this universe and bring in the long-awaited new aeon).

May this SECOND WORLDVIEW grow in knowledge and spiritual wisdom and gain the courage necessary for its witness to truth and Light in these stormy seas.

[Coming Soon… A new chapter of “Reluctant Angels”, in which Nathan Delver receives an unexpected gift from an angelic whistleblower working on the inside of government spookery. Prepare to have your mind blown. One proofreader said of what has been written so far: “WOW! That is massive! I want to read more!” 🙂]

© Alan Morrison, 2020

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