Day: Oct 24, 2020

What You See Is Definitely Not What You Get: Angels, Demons, Spooks and Pandemics

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Editor’s Note: In the text below, readers will find a record of some experiences of Nathan Delver, with informative dialogues between him and the being who was temporarily named Aurora Virtue. As they do not provide any corroborative sources or references and seeing that many will be in denial concerning the veracity of what they say, an editorial decision has been taken to intersperse copious commentary, references, and links throughout the text in the appropriate places within curly brackets {} so that readers can do the necessary research. Readers who find it convenient to download the chapter in a PDF format file will find a link at the bottom of the text.

ON THE WALL of ‘The Unexpected Gift’ café, a single huge TV screen silently played the news programmes of the day. One talking head after another, in that patronising, quasi-informative expression of modern broadcasters, presented the prepared scripts from an autocue. Much of the time was spent with advertisements filling listeners’ heads with nonsense. Those advertisements looked even more nonsensical when the volume was turned down.

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