Day: Nov 7, 2020

Has Half the World Lost its Marbles?

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LET ME START BY SAYING that I have no illusions about the voting process — especially in the USA. The naivety and ignorance of so many on this matter is staggering. In the midst of all the commotion about “election fraud” at the moment, few seem to realise that ALL ELECTIONS IN THEMSELVES ARE A FRAUD, defrauding the whole population with a stupefying illusion! The losers in any election very often claim fraud by their opponents, depending on how gracious they are. Yet nobody seems to put it together, after years of voting, that the whole exercise is a form of “engineered consent” enabling the power-elite to continue its work unabated while the theatre of politics plays itself out, inveigling the masses with its bathos. Power does not come to the people (the true meaning, literally, of the word “democracy”, when traced back to its roots in the Greek language) by them putting a mark on a piece of paper every few years so that a bunch of bought and sold egotists can get paid handsomely to play musical chairs in a fancy building which houses a lot of empty waffle and nuanced distraction. That people could imagine such a system is “empowering” to them shows how low their standards have become, and how deep the mind-bending influence of delusion has penetrated the population on this planet. The power-elite backstage does exactly as it pleases — fomenting wars and coups d’états, exterminating, genociding, assassinating, manipulating governments and financial markets, controlling militaries and intelligence entities, generating endless corporate greed, moving ‘pawns’ around on the chessboard of this world, ensuring millions upon millions each year to starve and live in abject poverty — while parliaments provide the entertainment front of stage for the masses who imagine that their vote changes matters of consequence. This is the ultimate in gaslighting. In a further wince of entertainment, it was reported earlier this week that Trump’s wife, Melania, voted in Florida “looking sensational in a $4,500 chain-print Gucci dress”. What a decadent theatre it all is!

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