Day: Jan 20, 2021

The Cult of Trump and the Demise of Veracity

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INTRODUCTION: The Cult of Trump and its Strange Bedfellows

There is going to be a lot of counselling needed soon in the Western world. I am referring to the followers of Donald Trump, who are going to be hugely disillusioned when they discover that in four years not even the tiniest part of the swamp was ever cleaned, that all the paedophiles in the world have not been arrested, that Amerika has not been made ‘great again’ (and never really was, actually), that QAnon must surely be an intelligence services psyop to test the gullibility of conservatives/rightists and as a likely pilot for future mind-control projects, that the “deep-state cabal” has remained completely intact (not even been dented), that all the wonderful acts of justice which had been promised to happen never took place, that Joe Biden has been inaugurated without a coup d’etat occurring, and that Trump has not got another four years, as they claimed he definitely would. Really, it has all been a spellbinding four years of hypnotic powermongering and cult-gathering.

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