Day: Jan 23, 2021

The Difference Between Old-Style Conspiracy Investigators and New-Fangled Conspiracy Nuts

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You are never in any way a fanatic who has to find conspiracy everywhere. You only react when it comes up for real. When you suspect that something is not right about government, political, or scientific claims or activity, you quietly set about investigating it DEEPLY AND INDEPENDENTLY to find out as much as you can about what is really happening. You build up your case with logic and hard evidence, because you know that if you publish something, you are responsible for your readers state of mind and their education. You take as long as is necessary over it; weeks, months or even years — whatever it takes to be as responsible and authentic as possible. You make it as detailed as you can. You do NOT go public with it until you have amassed an undeniable cache of facts and, subordinately, extreme likelihoods in view of the prima facie implications. You emphasise that there is a difference between facts and the extreme likelihoods. You never initially make your claims in a meme or other soundbite expression. Instead, you use full articles with references and ensure that you do not come across as a crackpot because you do not want to bring Truth or Integrity into disrepute.

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