Month: Feb 2021

O to Be in the Company Of… [prose poem]

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O TO BE IN THE COMPANY of those who raise the roof with need-to-be-free ascendancy, and thus would never in a million years be distant or aloof, and only ever have an interest in the truth, and show no signs of pathological dependency on people, idols, cities, gods or dress-codes, always take the high roads, don’t have any desiccated views, never do a take-you-out reprisal fratricidal hide-behind-a-phony-smile impugnment (for such chosen company will only ever want a be-with-you intunement), never any blind choleric madness moments turning into years of professional opponency where you cannot even see you’ve not only been stripped of your integrity but all you are for now is lines of snorted co-dependency.

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