Month: Mar 2021

The Lost Art of Femininity

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FOR SOME DECADES, much has been said about the necessity for men to get in touch with their feminine side. However, from my observations today, I would say that it is not so much the men who now need to do so but the women! The discovery and practice of true femininity by many women today is at least a dying art, if not a completely lost one. If you ask me at this point what I mean by “femininity” I reply that a true woman would know the answer to that instinctively when she is in the company of a real man who loves women. But if I were to respond in more detail, I would say the following words:

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Looking Forward to Being Excluded from “Normal Society”…

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Whenever I try to make a “meme” I always wind up with an essay! It could have been much longer. Soundbites don’t work for me… 🙃

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