Day: Apr 13, 2021

Where’s Your Tin-Foil Hat?

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IF I HAD A POUND/DOLLAR/EURO for each time some troll has said to me, “Where’s your tin-foil hat?”, I’d be a rich man! However, I understand their pain and their terrible fear. For those are the last desperate words of the ignorant wanting to preserve their imagined safe worlds, their ornamental gardens boxed around with a white picket fence. But what such folks do not realise is that what is going on in this cosmos is about way more than mere conspiracy theories. Those who quietly perceive the way of the world take conspiracy for granted and can PROVE its existence everywhere. Those are not theories but facts. Unfortunately, there are many who go over the top and assert all sorts of wild speculations for which there is currently no proof. Frankly, I am not in the least bit interested in such things.

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