Day: Apr 17, 2021

Happy Vagrant (song video)

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #74, “Happy Vagrant”. Just completed today. Here’s my intro from the video: “Sometimes a song comes through and I think, “Well, that’s no epic” and I might begin to dismiss it, as happened with this one. But then I realise that I can’t measure everything on the scale of “epic”. How about the scale of sweetness? Or the scale of simplicity? This is the kind of song you write when you’ve reached a space where you’ve no one to impress, where you don’t have to push yourself, where no one can poke you or prod you to do or be this or that or anything, where you can be a vagrant wanderer without regret, where you couldn’t care less what family and friends may think of you, where your only guides are Love and Truth… and the occasional cheesecake. Picture it with orchestral accompaniment and shimmering strings and you’ve got it”. Here are the lyrics:

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