Day: May 8, 2021

True Colours Are Being Shown

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IN TIMES SUCH AS THESE, the true colours of everything and everyone are being starkly revealed. To put it another way, the filth that can no longer be hidden by the conditioned masks and disguises we have worn all our lives — as they must drop because the fear of death strips us of all artifice — comes streaming out like sewage from a broken wastepipe. True colours are being shown.

The mask of faux-democracy slips from the smug and squidgy faces of all governments, as under the guise of “security” and “care” their tyrannical, control-freak underbellies are unveiled. Previously, they ignored most dissidents, for they were no real threat to the narcissistic self-serving day-to-day conniving of politicians. But instead of being transparent and responding with sincerity, the authorities’ pretence of tolerance and lip-service to ‘freedom’ has dissolved into repression, censorship and heavy-handedness, now that those same dissidents are openly questioning their lies and manipulations. True colours are being shown.

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