Day: May 16, 2021

The Trust of Birds

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THERE’S NOT MUCH THAT I REQUIRE IN LIFE. Don’t need a fancy car. Don’t need a big bank balance. Don’t need any friends (though a handful of genuine trustworthy bosom-buddies is always cool). Don’t even need a wyfe (though a sane, sorted, “partner-in-cryme” would be helpful, though not essential 😉). Don’t need anything much really. An honest guitar (currently a no-bling Boucher) and a reliable laptop (currently a solid Surface Book 2) are all I kindof “need”. But one thing that I have ALWAYS wanted but which has ALWAYS eluded me is the trust of wild birds.

I’ve made friends with all sorts of wild creatures in my time —jumping spiders, wild horses, squirrels, certain women(!), a savage dog which no one else could tame, and many more — but no matter how much I try and reassure birds, they always retain their ferality and keep their distance. (NB: I’m not talking about pigeons in the park or budgerigars in the living-room!) If I work hard on it, I can sometimes get the distance to become less. But there is always some distance. I plead with them and offer them references testifying to my peaceful nature and repugnance towards Thrush Pâté (which I was once offered in a French restaurant near Perpignan!). But all to no avail. I reluctantly have to accept that I am no Francis of Assisi! 😢

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