Day: Jun 10, 2021

If You Find Someone…

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IF YOU FIND SOMEONE, be certain that not only is s/he “in your tribe” but also wholly “on your side”. Not slavishly subsumed with you but fervently aligned with all you think and do (and you with him/her too). S/he must be on your side (and you full on theirs too) so s/he will protect you from the sharp inevitable dross (detritus) which will come your way if you and s/he are warriors making waves and causing mayhem too. That’s what you both will do if you are truly counterculture folks who love to rock the boat of regimented mediocrity, ensuring that all lies and darkness do not stay afloat. From time to time, you both may disagree (on so much lesser things than those which are the key to your togetherness). But that will be for both of you a nice excuse for funsome play — for tickling one another’s armpits (that’s a metaphor, by the way), for none of you would ever want to stray far from the golden shores of love, or remove yourselves from mutually-drenchful showers originating streamly from ‘above’.

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