Day: Jun 13, 2021

I Am a Free Spirit!

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I AM A FREE SPIRIT.  I am not this way because my freedom’s more important than another’s rights or because I think I’m so important that my own delight outstrips the needs of every other soul. For freedom never is a way to get the things one wants but is simply to be wholly who one truly is, without the mask or any other clothing surplus to that role. Therefore, one cannot aim to be a spirit who is free or reinvent oneself as one. The only way to be thus free is to be unburdened from encumbrances which are your inadvertent life-experience legacy. By which I mean all sense of victimhood — of using lack of something in your past to try and claw it back today (without you even realising how that process works within the theatre of your life, your petit [petty] cabaret). By which I mean your own non-stop defensiveness which you invented to protect you (so you think) from anything which threatens your imagined deity (though your defensiveness will morph into offensiveness when you are in the presence of a spirit you suspect of being free). Unless you find a way to realise a mask of clay is glued upon your face, and engrams writ in uppercase incarcerate your heart, you’ll never find the grace of freedom’s spirit in your space; for that is where free spirit’s wholeness starts.

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