Day: Jun 15, 2021

The Meaning of ‘Apocalypse’

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MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE that if only someone would put a black-ops special forces militia team together and ‘take out’ all the world’s leaders and the various billionaires who they think wield power (you know who I mean), then the fate of this civilisation could be turned around. One wonders what planet they think they are living on. So many just do not have a clue what they are dealing with here. I have actually seen people discussing that on social media — even joking about dropping a 💣 on the G7 summit! That would certainly be useless as all the clowns attending such a charade are merely fronting a crude theatre to make you think they are doing something to better the world, when all they are really doing is preserving the corrupt status quo of wealth and power and arranging for the enactment of schemes on behalf of the power-elite to grease the wheels for the creation of a one-world government — such schemes as the disingenuous ‘action on climate change’ and ways of more efficiently processing the skammdemmick — all under the dumbest of slogans that I have ever seen, “Build Back Better”. Which teaboy came up with that pathetic piece of scribble? The real meaning of their Orwellian cliché is “Tear Down More Efficiently”, as I will show below throughout this essay.

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