Mapping Out the Book of Revelation

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MAPPING OUT THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Laying it out on the floor and correctly dividing it with colour-coding into the Introduction, 7 parallel visions, and the Epilogue.

It’s so much easier like this to get an overview. It contains almost 12,000 words which will not only show you clearly why this world is as it is (giving the whole scope of the inter-dimensional spiritual battle), but also how it will be supernaturally transformed. This book will strike awe into your soul as well as encourage those who take it to heart and who follow the “rider on the white horse”. Hopefully, in the first half of July, I will have completed the article about it, entitled “The Meaning of Apocalypse: A Primer on the Book of Revelation”.

One thought on “Mapping Out the Book of Revelation

    djsbzbee said:
    Jun 17, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    Hope to look at this soon. Finishing up my mom’s eulogy to get it to her pastor. Service next week Much busy with the fam. Looks so pretty all that hard work and pretty colors. Looking forward to it! Thank you so much for this labor of love! Can’t wait to read!!!

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