Day: Jul 10, 2021

Time to Trim Your Wick

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OVER THE YEARS, I have tried to be patient and loving even with people who were nasty and destructive when they didn’t agree with me, and even though my determination to avoid giving like-for-like often made them behave even more unpleasantly (for they are addicted to the thrust and the joust). I always realised that their comportment was dictated by damaged elements in their hearts which they did not comprehend; therefore I had sympathy and empathy. But something has changed in recent times, and I am no longer inclined to be so indulgent. This does not imply a withdrawal of essential human love; but I will no longer be railroaded by their games, grudges and goadings. For now the lines are being drawn very differently and we are moving into a rapidly degenerating world in which those people — instead of being reasonable objects of sympathy and help — are not only energy-leeches and time-wasters but also would-be snitches to the authorities (or some other even more sinister kind of threat, as they casually haunt the edges of violence).

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