This World is Like a Giant Petri Dish

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THIS WORLD IS LIKE A GIANT ‘PETRI DISH’ in which evil (both human and demonic), like a toxic bacterial culture, is being allowed by the Creator of this world to develop until it reaches its zenith and is then ripe for supernatural destruction and eradication from this fallen cosmos when it is transformed into the ‘new heaven and new earth’ in the new aeon. This is a spiritual battle against which humans are defenceless and which they cannot win alone without Divine intervention. This is why it is of absolute importance to ensure that one is on the right side of that battle — the Light side — as earthly events are building rapidly towards that zenith of evil, in which all secrets and that which is hidden will be revealed.

Written more than 1900 years ago on the Greek island of Patmos, the Book of Revelation, with its symbolic visions and prophecies, is uniquely placed to communicate the essence of spiritual truth. Probably one of the most misunderstood works of all time — for there has been a vast number of vain attempts to tie its visions to current events — the Book is at its simplest to understand if one sees it as the complete vindication of two verses from the Gospel of John which record the Christ’s words to His disciples. The first is in chapter 12, verse 31, shortly before His state-and-priest-sanctioned assassination: “Now is the judgement of this world. Now the ruler [archon] of this world will be thrown out”, and the second is from chapter 16, verse 33: “In the world you will have affliction. But take courage, for I have overcome the world”. “The ruler of this world” is a plain reference to the fallen archangel, Satan, and the ”world” which the Christ has already overcome (though not yet finally publicly ratified, as that awaits His second coming at the end of this age) is the dark earthly kingdom which Satan and his angels have been trying to establish for aeons. That counterfeit kingdom is a zillion light years away from the kingdom of God which Christ plainly said to Pontius Pilate is “not of this world” (Gospel of John, chapter 18, verse 36). The supernatural, cataclysmic dismantling of Satan’s phony kingdom by the real King, the Christ, is what the Book of Revelation is all about.

As the Book of Revelation shows (between chapters 13 and 20), when the one-world government under the Antichrist has been established as the zenith of Satan’s ‘world’ — and we are surely moving into that time in the not-too-distant future as dark forces jostle to bring that conglomerate to pass — that will be the signal for the Christ soon to be manifested again and to destroy the Antichrist “with the breath of His mouth and wipe him out by the manifestation of His arrival” (a prophecy in the Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 8). It may be hard for many to visualise all this as being true. It may sound to many like mythology or some kind of science-fiction movie. Also, we often become infected with despair. But the Book of Revelation has been written to reveal these things as true and to show the centrality of the Christ to the resolution of this fallen cosmos, which is even being worked towards right now in our own time. That is why the opening words of the Book are “The Revelation of Jesus Christ…”. And this here little book I am typing now is being written to bring that Christ before you, hopefully in a completely new manner, so that you will see all this with fresh eyes and not the prejudice which religion has created down the years with its counterfeit, corrupt ‘churches’ and collective corpus of evil. If you know me, you will know that I hold truth in the highest esteem and I would in no way give myself to any kind of cult or religious nonsense. This is real!

What I am writing about here and in this whole book is of the utmost human importance, yet it would currently be regarded as ridiculous or even insane by most! My dear friends, it is not enough merely to see through conspiracies, false flag operations, and the dark shenanigans of secret societies and so-called ‘deep states’. There is another step to take which will place it all in its true spiritual context, for all of that is the result of satanic activity. But don’t worry… you do not have to give yourself the religious label of ‘Christian’ to be on the right side in the spiritual battle which darkness wages against the Light. (That label has been too frequently hijacked by false prophets and archons/demons posing as angels of light to be of any real significance today). But you do have to be a disciple of the Christ and a follower of His Light and I can assure you that there is no greater pathway through life than that. This is the message of the Book of Revelation, which is is a prophecy for our times and I hope it encourages you, in the quietness of your heart, to take it on board and allow it to bear its inevitable fruit within.

© Copyright, Alan Morrison, 2021

[The copyright on my works is merely to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

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