Day: Jul 16, 2021

Are We Living in the Endtimes?

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PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME: “Are we living in the Endtimes?” So, at this point in the chapter, a few words need to be said about some important terminology regarding timescales during this age. When people speak about the ‘Endtimes’, they are usually referring to the final approach to the end of this age and the very end of the world itself. It first has to be said that this world in its current material format has, in a sense, been ‘ending’ ever since its creation, and most certainly since the Fall of humanity, for it is a finite world and was created that way deliberately. The Creator was not taken by surprise by the fall of angels or the subsequent fall of humanity. For God sees the end from the beginning and knew all that would happen and had already ‘arranged’ for the solution from the very beginning — namely, the Christ, who is foreshadowed in the Book of Genesis, chapter 3, verse 15 — for which the world had to wait until exactly the right moment a couple of thousand years ago. We need to remember that God is always many steps ahead of anything that narcissistic angels or humans can do — something which so many humans never seem to realise! By the way, I say “so many humans” and not angels because there is no salvation for fallen angels and their the doom is fixed. In fact, as the Christ Himself said, “eternal fire” was originally prepared for Satan and his fellow-fallen angels (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 41). Thus, one can say that the end of this world is a process which deepens in intensity with the passing of time and then climaxes as the very end draws near, and that drawing near of the very end is what we can call the Endtimes. One of the key trigger-points in this overall process was the ascension of the Christ nearly two-thousand years ago. Once that had happened, the world entered what is known as ‘the last hour’ or ‘the last days’ (the terms are interchangeable). It is important to realise this because there are many who think that the phrases ‘the last days’ and ‘the last hour’ are identical to what is known as the ‘Endtimes’. Here I must emphasise that this is not the case at all, and it is an important distinction to make. So let us go into this more deeply to improve our understanding.

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