Day: Jul 19, 2021

Comfort and Assurance in the Book of Revelation

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[Author’s Note: I was not going to put out any more extracts from the book on which I am working about the Book of Revelation. But lately, so many people have told me of their confusion about the level of evil in a world that has supposedly been overcome by the Christ that I feel compelled to share this section from the introductory chapter on “The Five Purposes of the Book of Revelation”. It can easily stand alone as an article in its own right. Who knows, I might die before finishing the book and then no one would read any of it! And my chief objects in writing the book are for the comfort of the disciples of Christ and the drawing to Christ and His Light of those who are potentially what I call “disciples-in-waiting”. So below you will find my 6000 words which respond to the question I get asked so much: “If Christ has defeated Satan with his death, resurrection, and ascension, how come the world is still in such a mess and seeming to get worse?” It is my gift to you…]

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