Day: Jul 29, 2021

Some Thoughts on the Opening of the Seventh Seal [book extract]

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[BELOW IS A 2,600-word MINI-EXTRACT from my book-in-progress, “The Meaning of Apocalypse – A Primer on the Book of Revelation”, which so far stands at a total of 140 large-format paperback-size pages and almost 50,000 words. It could be twice that size by the completion. I hope this piece whets your appetite for the whole thing and I commit it to your heart with much love and blessings]

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THE FIRST VERSE OF CHAPTER 8 in the Book of Revelation, in which the seventh seal of the scroll is opened by the Christ (referred to here by His salvific name, “the Lamb”) I believe belongs in this first vignette as a conclusion to all the seals being opened. The second of the seven vignettes would therefore begin in verse 2 of chapter 8 (which will begin in our next chapter below) and conclude at the end of chapter 11. Bear in mind that there were no chapter divisions in the original Greek manuscripts of the Bible. They were later added in translations to break up the text for readers. Chapter divisions first appeared in the thirteenth century and verses were established in the late sixteenth century. Sometimes they are helpful but other times they are rather arbitrary. So the first verse of chapter 8 says: “When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour”.

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