Day: Aug 2, 2021

The Price of Misleading Others Through Fallacious Hermeneutics

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[Here is another little extract from the Introduction to the book on which I am working, “The Meaning of Apocalypse – A Primer on the Book of Revelation”. I hope it whets your appetite for more. So far, it stands at 153 large-format paperback pages with over 54,000 words. It could be half finished. Time will tell. I hope it will be as mindblowing to read as it has been to write]

SO MANY HAVE BEEN GIVEN a false understanding of this amazing Book of Revelation. For example, I received a message from a social media friend recently saying that The Book is “nothing more than the dream of a psychotic sadist”. Many others I have encountered think that The Book is just a hysterical rant about the end of the world or a manual about the ‘Endtimes’. I noticed that a number who became excited when I announced that I was going to start writing this book distinctly withdrew that enthusiasm when I announced that the word ‘apocalypse’ is all about the Revelation of Jesus Christ (as the Greek opening to The Book clearly shows) rather than solely about the end of the world. Many erroneously claim that The Book is a Gnostic or Kabbalistic document. It is almost as if there is a deliberate desire to misunderstand or misrepresent The Book. On one website which claims to be “An oasis for the awake”, it is claimed in an article that “the Book of Revelation is a satanic blueprint for slavery and genocide, designed to convince believers that this occult plan is the work of God”, with a nonsensical implication that the vaccine passport for Covid-19 is ‘the mark of the beast’, and that “Lucifer is masquerading as Jesus”. That article could easily have been written by Satan himself.

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