Day: Aug 3, 2021

The Most Spectacular Example of Psychological Projection

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KEEN OBSERVATION is a necessary art these days. All my life, I have loved sitting in cafes watching the world go by while ‘people-watching’. But there are times when a closer and more robust form of observation is required, so that one does not merely watch people (or even oneself and one’s own follies) but one becomes what is known as a ‘watchman’, a prophetic function which involves warning people “when you see a sword coming upon the land” (a cue from the astounding Book of Ezekiel). I have been observing events in such a way during the past 18 months and I have seen many ‘swords’ coming upon the land. Some of these recent ‘swords’ I have already written about in one context or another, especially concerning the psychological operation known as COVID-19.

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