Day: Aug 6, 2021

The Real World War Started Long Ago

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THE REAL ‘WORLD WAR’ started long, long ago. It is not a war with conventional weapons or even Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is a psycho-spiritual war waged by dark forces — both human and demonic — and it involves a battle not just for the mind but for one’s very soul. No matter how aware one may think one is about what is going down in this world, never has it been more important to ensure that one is working for the right ‘side’ in this conflict, which is building up rapidly to its climax. There can be no neutrality. One is either a slave — to a greater or lesser degree — of the fallen archangel, Satan, and his fellow fallen angels (demons or archons), or one is a disciple of the Christ, and working in tandem with His angels. It is not enough merely to see through conspiracies, discern media lies, and be disillusioned with governance and the direction in which this world is heading. That is mainly an intellectual or philosophical perception. It is certainly a great start, as the plethora of conspiracies, media baloney and governance are essentially of satanic origin filtered through the power-elite under satanic control. But it does not go nearly far enough. One needs to perceive not merely the conspiratorial character of world affairs but also the supernatural origin behind them. For it is a predominantly spiritual battle which leads to mass warfare on the psychological level across this planet, and your mind — for the demonic realm — is the gateway to your soul. As an apostle of the Christ once wrote to the disciples of Christ:

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