Day: Aug 16, 2021

The War in Afghanistan was Only Ever About the Control of Opium

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YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION IN AFGHANISTAN until you grasp the fact that the US instigation of upheavals and wars around the world have never had anything to do with “policing the planet” or “generating democracy” but are all about who controls drug production and distribution. This is the case whether it involves poppy-fields in South-East Asia and Afghanistan, or coca plantations in Central America. Behind it all is the CIA as enforcement operator, working hand in glove with international crime syndicates in the production and distribution of heroin and cocaine, as it both finances its hugely expensive black operations and keeps a significant part of society in the grip of debilitating and evil substances. The CIA even destabilised the 1960s anti-war movement by the mass distribution of LSD so that it morphed into the passive, dopey “Love ‘n Peace, man” hippie scene! There is more…

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