Day: Aug 20, 2021

A Call for Wisdom: The Mark of the Beast and 666

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[Here is another extract from the book on which I am currently working, entitled “The Meaning of Apocalypse: A Primer on the Book of Revelation”. The whole book stands so far at 252 pages in large-format paperback size containing almost 90,000 words. It is probably about half-finished. I cannot begin to tell you what the deep study of the Book of Revelation has worked in my soul. This has been a life-changing enterprise. Epiphanies have been exploding in my brain. Certain aspects of my life will never be the same again. Such is the dynamic nature of that Book of Revelation. Anyway, I here present you with this little ‘taster’ from my book, which is about ‘the mark of the beast’ and the number 666. I hope it whets your appetite to read more. I am presenting this extract to you because I believe that the text about the mark of the beast and the number 666 has been hugely misrepresented. If you think you’ve read this before, you haven’t. I did write something about this some years back, but this is considerably more full and contextualised into my book. When the book is complete, it will be placed on this blog free of charge in a nicely designed eBook. Meanwhile, please read on below, and I hope that it resonates with your spirit. I think you may be surprised by its contents.]

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