Day: Aug 24, 2021

The Triumph of the Human Spirit is the Greatest Lie Ever Conceived

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A QUESTION THAT IS OFTEN POSED TO ME in various ways, especially in the light of something I wrote recently, is this: “Why do you say that elections or demonstrations will never improve or change the world?” It has even been coupled with this: “I sometimes wonder who you’re really working for. Surely it’s important to smash the state and smash the new world order”. This is a great opportunity for elaboration, so I am going to reply to this head-on and I will not ‘pull any punches’. Firstly, you need to realise that what you call “the new world order” is not at all new. It is the culmination of millennia of strategies and attempts at empire, as I will expand below. What we are witnessing today is not some minor aberration which can be sorted out with a few little tweaks here and there, or by holding placards and chanting some slogans with our mates in a town square, or by writing to your local MP, or by campaigning for someone who you think is a luminary to be elected to your parliament or congress. That one could even imagine such possibilities would work is a manifestation of the utmost naivety. Democracy does not really exist. Presidents, prime ministers, and governments are just front-operations manipulated by spooks and advisors who are working for the power-elite. You might be able to change some little aspect in your local area if you know the right people; but local authorities are notoriously corrupted and full of ‘graft’. The same goes for political parties. They are controlled by utterly compromised and corrupted groups of people who not only have to answer to spooks (in peril of their lives and reputations) but who also have about as much sense of honour as a petri-dish full of bacteria. ‘The Party’ will always come before morals or principles.

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