Identifying the Mark of the Beast & 666

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AS MY ARTICLES ARE NOW PUBLISHED ON ANOTHER WEBSITE, readers here may be interested in the latest addition there, which is an update of a previously smaller article to twice its size. It is an excerpt from my upcoming book on the Book of Revelation. Entitled “Identifying the Mark of the Beast and the Number 666”, it shows what really lies behind these verses of the Bible. Popular culture is now dictating the identity of the mark of the beast (a cue they get from all the wacky interpretations from so many churches!). Popular culture ignores the fact that the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ rather than whatever anyone thinks is right. Popular culture makes memes about a “satanic agenda” (when they don’t even know who Satan really is); then it claims that the mark of the beast is a microchip or even a vaccine passport or the vaccine itself. What a travesty! Why do we let them steal the agenda? Since when has the ekklesia let the world-culture dictate the meaning of a Scripture? The answer is: Since churches started twisting it too! The number of pastors and their puppets that I’ve seen online claiming that the mark of the beast is this or that (usually a barcode, QR code, or microchip) beggars belief.

So, if you want to be counterculture (as the ekklesia should be), then what IS the mark of the beast? Or 666 for that matter. If you read the latest piece in my 3-part series on the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation, you will see what happens when biblical principles of interpretation are applied. First rule of hermeneutics is to see if there are other applicable verses in scripture (especially from the Old Testament) which apply directly to the verse(s) in question and by which they can be more clearly interpreted. Second rule of hermeneutics is to grasp the complete context of the verse(s) in question rather than pull them out of context to suit our own wacky ideas. Without such principles applied, one will simply put mud in the water and come up with anything which takes one’s fancy — a fate which the Book of Revelation has suffered more than any other book of the Bible. Click on the following link to read what I have to say about the identity of the mark of the beast and the number 666. I hope you find it helpful. . And while you’re there, you can join many others in subscribing to the Diakrisis Project blog to get notified of new articles. See you there!

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